Aisha Hill

Aisha Hill grew up on Maui and started his jewelry career at age 9 when he began helping his father in the workshop. Years later, he graduated with honors from California State University, Chico, with dual degrees in Glass Art and Anthropology.

After five years of traveling the world as a professional whitewater kayaker and meeting his wife, Alexis, he earned his doctorate from University of California, Davis. In 2010, Aisha moved back to Maui and began working exclusively in gold and silver jewelry. His inspiration in jewelry (and all art) stems from objects and patterns found in the natural environment and often includes logarithmic spirals. The inherent beauty of nature is what he strives to emulate both in design and in choice of materials while working with his own unique aesthetic.

Barclay Hill

Barclay sculpts gold and silver to create detailed pendants, earrings and rings that seem to come to life before your eyes. Precious gems and Tahitian pearls add another facet of delight to his rich jewelry. His handcrafted Koa paddles are stunning and demonstrate his ability to work in any medium. Barclay has also designed a successful bronze sculpture line and created the bronze Humpback Whale monument at Whaler’s Village in Ka’anapali. Recently, he won top honors at the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center on Maui for his piece titled “Daylight,” in the show “Reflections: Contemporary Glass Art in Hawaii.” His jewelry and sculptures have been featured numerous times in Art Maui and other exhibitions. He is passionate about fine design, harnessing wind and solar power, and living in beauty and harmony with nature around him.