All jewelry starts as an idea, there the two paths diverge. Most of the jewelry we make is done via the “lost wax casting” method. In this method, a wax positive is carved.

Once the wax work is completed, the individual wax sculpture it is fused with other waxes to a sprue and essentially looks like a mini tree with the waxes all connected at the bottom (sprue).

Once the waxes are on the sprue, we ensure that they are not touching each other, and then “invest” them. The investment process starts with placing the waxes and sprue in a steel tube. Once positioned appropriately, plaster is poured over them. After the plaster sets up, the flask is then put into a kiln that heats up the flask until the wax is “burned out,” leaving a full negative space in the plaster where the wax original was.

After the wax is fully burned out, the flask is removed from the kiln and put in a centrifuge up flush with a crucible filled with gold or silver. The crucible is then heated with a torch until the gold or silver is molten hot, at which point the centrifuge is released and spins the gold/silver into the negative spaces in the flask.